Rotary Hammer machine
USINE de WECKER RD 230/300 HoV / Z 230
TypRD 230/300 HoV / Z 230
Beschreibung  Rotary Hammer machine, USINE de WECKER, Luxembourg, type RD 230/300 HoV / Z 230
- YOM 1985
- hammer force 300 to.
- stroke 22 mm
- 600 s.p.m.
- working diam. 230 mm
- speed 0- 12 m/min
- 3 hydraulic pumps- 30, 22 and 18,5 kW
- cooling and oil- 5,5 kW
Hydraulic- Vickers.

How it works:
The workpiece is gripped by a 3-jaws manipulator/ chuck. This chuck does rotation and forward-backward movement, and at the same time the die (consisting of two pieces), hammering the top/head of the workpiece. Like some kind of hammer, but the workpiece is under rotation. On the opposite side of the manipulator/chuck is the die , which is fixed.
The shape depends on the shape of the tool (die). The only tool each customer has to change is the Die, depending on the shape of the product he wants to produce.
The machine had used to hammer the shape of the front part of artillery shells, later- a test production of fire-extinguishers. Wall thickness of the last one- 6 mm.
Induction Heating device, producer EMA, four positions (carousel-robot feeding type- pictures Usine de Wecker 002-remarks and 008-remarks). EMA- I think the company name now is EMA Indutec GmbH (former EMA Elektromaschinen Schultze GmbH & Co. KG ) member of AICHELIN group.
Adjustment- manual, with electrical control.
Numerical control
Hammering mechanism- hydraulic. All movements of the machine are hydraulic.
The general data were attached.
-effort 300 to
-stroke 22 mm
-600 s.p.m.
-working Dia 230 mm, may be more- depending on the Die and chuck jaws opening.
-working length 1550 mm
-Die dimension at the moment: face 300 x 260 (could be mounted 500 x 400 mm), deep 370 mm
Very good condition.
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